What Autumn Likes

Over a week of getting to know our daughter, I am starting to learn what she likes (and what she doesn't):

Autumn likes:

1. Her "Perch"
For some reason she is at total peace laying on her back on her changing table. She stares through the blinds at the sunny outside as if on a sunny beach in the Bahamas.

2. To Keep Us Guessing
For twenty minutes at a time she will LOVE being swaddled, shooshed, suckled, etc. but then she likes to be freed from her swaddle and lay on her back unhindered. The next ten minutes it may be reswaddled near the oven fan while sitting in her lil rocking "rain forest themed" chair.

3. Her time with Daddy
Between 5am - 7am in the morning give or take an hour. She tends not to enjoy Daddy between 1am - 5am.

4. The Outside
In brief stints (See #2). Grandma Nanjan has had numerous successful attempts to hold her while outside and even braved a ride or two in the stroller. Daddy tried this once and made it past the front patio before aborting the mission. She does enjoy the car ride but not getting into the car seat.

5. Her Furrowed-Brow
(See videos and pictures below). She is very inquisitive and pensive.

6. To be fed all day and night
orry honey, can't help with that one".

7. To Wait for Grandma to change her
Waiting to save her best for last after Nancy has already cleaned her up.

8. To Scratch Her Initials into Daddy's Neck while he burps her

9. Falling Asleep Anywhere Near or On Mommy

10. To See How Stain Resistant Her Cute Outfits Are

We are so thankful to the Lord for this precious gift!


Don said...

Yes, yes...you are becoming Autumn experts!

love, Mor mor

Don said...

What does she do during the Dallas games? Stay in a safe place with her mom, or tough it out with her dad?

love her,


THE GTEAM said...

Love #2...get used to it!

THE GTEAM said...

Love #2...get used to it!

Thomas Family said...

AH! GOODNESS! We have the SAME daddy/daughter schedule over here!!! I LOVE her brow. She is so expressive and darling!!!!!
BTW Erin, Marc got your msg on Geni and has been meaning to get back to you regarding some daddy baby gab. Poor guy works so much.