Happy Father's Day to the best Daddy ever!

Daddy, you are my hero! I love when you swing me up high in the air and take me on LONG walks around the neighborhood. You feed me lots of nutritious foods (carrots!) and squeal with glee at my new discoveries. I think I might have permanent welts on my cheeks from all your kisses, but I don't mind! I know that I am loved...
Thanks for giving me lots of baths, reading "The Daddy Book" to me and teaching me how to pray. Oh, and thanks for looking out for me as I love to run and stumble as I explore. Not to worry, those bumps, booboos and bruises will eventually go away and I'll still be as beautiful as ever! I want you to know that I pray for you often and I thank Jesus that He made you to be a man that serves Him passionately, obediently and humbly. Best of all, He chose you to be MY daddy and I will always be thankful.
Can't wait for the rumble of the garage door that signals your home and ready to play...
I love you!
Your baby girl,