Taste of Compassion

We are hosting a Labor Day Party with our neighbors this Monday. Should be a blast. I have no idea if people are going to show up but I walked up and down our little townhome walkway, knocking on doors and handing people invites... yep, felt like a salesman but it was cool meeting some new friends.

Pastor Rick came up with the idea and I am "point" man on it for our church which just means I make sure communications goes out to everyone who was planning on hosting one.

Why does this party look so official? Why is it called Taste of Compassion?

  • Saddleback created 'personalizable' invitations so that anyone could invite friends to their own party.
  • Cool thing is that - everyone is supposed to bring their favorite appetizer/dish and the recipe with it.
  • Then, as a party, we vote on which one we lilke the best.
  • The best ones from all the Labor Day Parties being hosted through Southern Cal (host parties in 40 cities) will be compiled in a recipe book and sold - with all proceeds going to help feed the homeless in OC during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Very cool - we shall how it all works.

My Niece Already has a Favorite Football Team!

Wow - Isella already choosing to follow America's Team. I think she mentioned that her favorite player is Tony Romo (see pict). Finally someone who can cheer for the Cowboys on Thanksgiving with me... phewww.

And the most amazing thing about this is that I didn't even get her this outfit! My bro-in-laws' brother, Chris, who is a diehard Bears fan, was so thoughtful and kind as to buy her this outfit himself! How awesome is that? I always knew I liked Chris, even though he lives halfway across the country. But this is a sure sign of destined friendship. I just hope his buddies in Chicago don't get wind of this... it may spell trouble.

OK, OK... here are the REAL pictures:). Nothing like a little 'Photoshop'.

Joy Gets Eye Surgery

Thanks for all your prayers yesterday.

Joy is out and at home recovering since yesterday. Her infamous "Pirate" pict - RIGHT AFTER SURGERY and STILL ENJOYING HER VALIUM - has been cleared for the public.

  • She said “that it was the weirdest surgery” but it seems to have gone well.
  • We went back today for a follow up where she had her “patch” removed (we will upload this pict soon) and start taking ointment medication.
  • It will take about a week for the swelling and irritation from the surgery to go down so her 5th graders are going to LOVE her new look – albeit temporary.
  • What was the problem? Pterygium surgery.
Eye Surgery Survival Kit - See Below

Ok, the three movies on the left were my idea (3 for $20 at BB).


Top 5 Things Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives

Dr. Laura step aside.

I decided to spend some time this morning listening to my good friend Cathy Constanz's message at the Saddleback College Ministry a few weeks back via podcast. The Series is a gender series called "Genderful".

As her husband lovingly says: "Cathy doesn't have a private thought in her head!" The cool thing is that Cathy doesn't sugarcoat anything and she is ridiculously real. Perfect for every woman (and man) to be reminded on what reality matters in life.

This was the title of her message:
Top Five Things (Christian) Women Do to Mess Up Their Lives

Here is an overview (Men, listen up, cause we contirbute to the lies):

1. Waste too much time comparing on what they aren't good at and not focusing on what they excel at

2. Being more concerned about convention rather than calling

3. Waste their best ministry time waiting to do the married "script"

4. Christian women want to marry for the wrong reasons

5. Christian women compromise their walk with God to get married

It is worth a listen!