Taste of Compassion

We are hosting a Labor Day Party with our neighbors this Monday. Should be a blast. I have no idea if people are going to show up but I walked up and down our little townhome walkway, knocking on doors and handing people invites... yep, felt like a salesman but it was cool meeting some new friends.

Pastor Rick came up with the idea and I am "point" man on it for our church which just means I make sure communications goes out to everyone who was planning on hosting one.

Why does this party look so official? Why is it called Taste of Compassion?

  • Saddleback created 'personalizable' invitations so that anyone could invite friends to their own party.
  • Cool thing is that - everyone is supposed to bring their favorite appetizer/dish and the recipe with it.
  • Then, as a party, we vote on which one we lilke the best.
  • The best ones from all the Labor Day Parties being hosted through Southern Cal (host parties in 40 cities) will be compiled in a recipe book and sold - with all proceeds going to help feed the homeless in OC during Thanksgiving and Christmas.
Very cool - we shall how it all works.


Carol said...

Wish we could come and meet the neighbors!

love, Mmmmmmmaaaaaa

THE GTEAM said...

Very cool idea. I want one of those recipe books!

Carol said...

Is it going to be a costume party so Joy can dress as a cute pirate?

Arghhhhh! what timing!

Well, no one will forget her!