The Transition

Erin's "New Job"

Well, I have been officially on staff at Saddleback now for over two months and it has been pretty sweet so far. I am the Personal P.E.A.C.E. pastor and I know, I know - what IS that anyway?

Basically, Rick Warren and Saddleback have felt God call them to respond to the 5 Global Giants of the world - [1] Spiritual Emptiness, [2] Egocentric Leadership, [3] Rampant Disease, [4] Poverty and [5] Lack of Education.

"The P.E.A.C.E. plan is designed to mobilize Saddleback church and thousands of other churches who are networked with Saddleback to respond to these issues in the name of Jesus Christ."

Part of the uniqueness of this strategy which differentiates itslef from standard missionary work is - it mobilizes the average joe and his small group to adopt an unreached people group or hurting people group to invest their time, talents and treasure in assisting them without causing co-dependency.

In other words, a small group of business associates decides to use their abilities and compassion to pick an unreached people group in Fiji. They build relationships and equip the people in how to run a business and maybe even provide starting material so they may start to generate an economy. Thus, it isn't free handouts but training that lasts a lifetime. All because the love of God compells them.

There are three parts of the P.E.A.C.E. plan [to check out a bit more www.purposedriven.com]:

  • GLOBAL [focused on other countries]
  • LOCAL [focused on the people groups in our areas like SoCal and North mexico]
  • PERSONAL [which is equipping and training for the individual to love and reach out to the people they already KNOW in their lives].

My role is PERSONAL P.E.A.C.E. So far, my goal has been to discern how I can liberate the average Saddlebacker to share the love of Christ through the things they already do normally and helping them articulate the Good News of Jesus Christ to those who are ready to hear it. No, this is not knocking on doors and reciting a tract to someone! I am talking about delving into the hurts, needs and ideas that gnaw away at people on a daily basis and sharing in their personal journey to discover truth - what am I here for? Where does the evidence point to? Is their really a God who cares about me? If so, how on earth can I know Him and have a relationship with Him? What holds me back from discovering truth - is it emotional, intellectual or volitional? Will He really help me? Being a part of God doing lifechange is the most exciting place to be!

It is promising to be an awesome ride. I love the fact that Joy is on the coaster with me!