dakman said...

okay, I see you do like taking photos of yourself enjoying your favorite activities. I don't know if I can be a blogger, I keep taking pictures of my pocket with my cell phone. :)

Erin said...

Dad - you are so funny.

mamajoykerr said...

Hi Erin!

Love the Cafe theme! Love the pics... this looks pretty good!

Can't believe it's JUNE already!!!

I just ordered a book I saw in Christianity Today..."What has Christianity Ever Done For Us?"...in light of all the bad press recently...I'm ready to visit all the positive effects the Faith has had on an unbelieving world! Jonathan Hill is the author.

Have a great day! love, Mmmmaaaa

The GTEAM said...

So now the Gaps are commenting on your cafe page and blogging, too. This is our real site, not the other one that you have listed! Drink two for us, and happy summer for you and Joy.