Back in the OC

Good times. Drove 7 hrs yesterday back from Redwood City. Had a good drive in spite of the weather and my failure to get a new windshield wiper in time for the fun weather (passenger side). Dad - they were closed the the night before when we left and I wasn't about to slow down our departure to beat LA traffic (which we hit at 3pm - ugh, got home by 4:30pm).

Been a good day to clean up a bit, be relaxed and play with our littler fever girl. She is doing well for being sick but we are watching her temp and giving her meds every few hours to keep her temp down.

Looking forward to a relaxing night - heck, Joy and I might even stay up to read past 10pm.

Videos and picts of our fantastic Christmas with Joy's and My families will be coming shortly. That is, if I remember how to do it on the blog:).

God bless you and have a safe and fun New Years Eve friends and family!


Happy 1st Birthday Autumn!

Our sweet Autumn Elizabeth is ONE! Where did the year go?? Here are most recent pics of her taken by Grandpa and MorMor during their visit the last week of September. Autumn is truly a joy and brings so much delight each and every day. She now points at everything she is curious about and babbles nonstop! She can say "da-da", "mom", "bye-bye" and I'm almost positive she has said "book" ;). She loves to hug and kiss her stuffed animals one by one and gives kisses whenever asked! Autumn is days away from walking hands-free. She scoots all over the room in a matter of minutes and will walk on her own from one object to the next without hesitating. I don't think she realizes how stable she really is and will lose confidence and tumble to her bottom. She continues to eat like a beast! As Grammie says, "I don't think I've seen her refuse any food that is put in front of her!" She now eats spaghetti, macaroni and cheese (with veggies of course!), fruity puree cookies (homemade by mommy) and lots of chicken! For her birthday yesterday we took her to get a special fruit smoothie all her own and she slurped it down...can't say I was surprised.
We are so grateful for the precious gift that Autumn is to us...born in Autumn and already living her namesake by bringing joy to us in each changing season of this first year. Father God thank you for your indescribable gift! We rejoice at the celebration of her first year of life! We love you sweetzie girl, Autumn Elizabeth Kerr.



Wow - is blogging dead?


Mom of the Day

So I think I am officially deserving of the title "Mom of the Day"...
Let me give you a recap:
7:00-8:00am Saturday, August 1
Daddy is on a leisurely bike ride at the butt crack of dawn :) Mom on the scene...
Autumn wakes up....not in the best of moods, rather cranky I might say,
Nursing period, diaper change.
Persisting diaper rash that flares its ugly head on a REGULAR basis,
Requires exposure to air, hanging out naked and special concoction of shea butter and coconut oil.
Bath time, happy demeanor, clean butt, yay!
Time to play naked for a short time while mommy hangs out and QUICKLY rests her eyes ;)
Autumn begins to grunt while standing up against bookshelf,
Mommy opens eyes just in time to see Autumn going poo-poo...AHHH!
Sheet saver mat grabbed swiftly, not swiftly enough, poop falls to carpet...shifting foot smooshes it down!
Screaming ensues while mommy tries to catch remaining bowel movement...poop remains cover Autumn's foot
Mommy moves Autumn to bath towel while she cleans up,
She turns back only to discover baby has now peed all over towel, GREAT!
Crying, Screaming, Tears....don't stop.
"Let's get the diaper on now" mommy says, but FIRST the diaper rash concoction.
Wiggling, squirming, flailing arms..."Dear God, please help me!"
One loose hand grabs liquid coconut oil...SPLASH! Oil quickly seeps into carpet
Mommy trying to remain under control, trying to secure the diaper on Autumn's body.
Now to all the clean up...who cares about putting her clothes on!
It's time for breakfast
Crying continues, rather emotional I'm deducting.
Place Autumn in high chair...FINALLY a happy face!! Food! "I love to eat!"
Front door opens, daddy is back.
Autumn smiles.....
Mommy breathes a sigh of relief! Now off to shower...
Friend's wedding in 60 minutes,
Don't think we'll make it.

*I guess this is just a typical day for a mama!


Washington DC!

Autumn and I spent the first week of July in Washington DC visiting my brother Jordan and his wife Lindsay. We had a fantastic visit and Autumn did great...although I must say it was nice to have a second pair of hands to help since my mom traveled with us. Our time was spent relaxing at Jordan and Lindsay's house (at Bolling Air Force base) and doing some sight-seeing. This was my third visit to our nation's capital, but this time around I was able to enjoy it from the perspective of someone who lives there. Jordan drove us all around the city! We stopped at quaint places to eat, walked around Georgetown, shopped in Alexandria and watched fireworks over the monuments from across the Potomac River! A once-in-a-lifetime experience (at least for me!). Best of all Uncle and Auntie got to love on their sweet niece Autumn and their dogs Cooper and Charlie did as well! Enjoy some of the best pics as well as the captions...

Cooper is so curious about this little baby...once Autum warmed up to the dogs she LOVED watching them run all over the place and would stretch out her hand to touch. She was overwhelmed with doggy kisses!

Autumn is 9 months old! What a drastic change we have seen in her over the past month. She is growing by leaps and bounds and we discover something new that she can do almost everyday. The day before we left she popped her first tooth!

We spent one afternoon exploring Mount Vernon, although it was extremely crowded due to the holiday weekend. George Washington is my absolute favorite historical figure and it was fun to walk around the museum....and get rained on! A storm rolled in as we were waiting for the mansion and we were drenched!

My daughter has officially become addicted...thanks to daddy (and mommy?)!

4th of July patriotism...this outfit was perfect (thanks MorMor!)
"I love my Uncle Jordan! Thanks for your service as a Marine! Ooh-rah!"

One of mommy's favorites...

Barbequeing in the afternoon...waiting for the firework show!

National Marine Corps Museum in Quantico...Autumn is sporting her dress blues!

Globe and Anchors

The oldest house in Washington DC...circa 1764

Our last day in the city we spent walking around Georgetown and visiting a couple of the monuments including the new World War II memorial. Wow!! What an amazing tribute to the men and countries that sacrificed so much. The day was hot and Autumn enjoyed dipping her footsies into the pool with Grammie.

The Lincoln Memorial in the background....I ran up the steps to see ol' Abraham but Autumn was conked out in her stroller. She had seen enough! :)

On our way home sitting in Grammie's lap. It is quite difficult to travel with a 9 month old! Autumn was super antsy and wanted to stretch her legs. She enjoyed peering over the seats at the people all around and only slept 30 minutes each flight. Grammie had some surprises in her bag to keep Autumn occupied including fishy crackers and a play cell phone! But overall she was an excellent traveler and has been across the country and back! We missed daddy and were glad to be home!


Joy and Autumn Have Been in DC

They FINALLY come back tonight and their flight is delayed so I am scanning videos and picts of Autumn because I miss her soooo much. Here was a goodie back in May.

Our New Campus at Northwood Highschool


FellOHShip Jensen Kerr Style

FellOHship is a great thing but not everyone experiences it in the same way.


I'm 8 Months Old!

We can hardly believe that our sweetzie girl is 8 months old! It feels like we blinked and she was 8 months. But we are sure enjoying the gift that she is, the joy that she brings and the laughs we have daily with her!

Little Miss Serious...I pay attention to every detail and don't miss a thing, kinda like mommy!

8 month photo session...hard to capture our beauty AND get the sign in..hilarious!

Fun times with daddy! I love his hair, especially from this view!

See...I do actually smile and laugh :)

Here are some things that I can do at 8 months:
I love to stand up and balance on anything and everything! I don't really care about crawling just yet and am very content to sit and play all day long. My favorite toy at the moment is my rainforest bouncer. I don't sit in it anymore, but now I use it to lean against and I love the lights and music from this perspective.

I even ride my homemade rocking horse that mommy had when she was my age. I'm still a little sleepy in this picture and not too thrilled, probably because moments later I tipped over the side! Whoops!

AND...I LOVE hair bows! They make me look soooo ka-ute! Especially now that my hair is growing in long and light brown!

Thanks for loving me and looking at my pictures!

Reducing Waste

So now that I am a "SAHM" I have been doing tons of reading on how to live simply, invest in my home, use resources wisely and give generously. It's like a whole new world has opened up for me and I am enjoying the time that I do have to practice being the wife and mom that God has called me to be. One of the areas that I have been more intentional about is recycling. I desire to be a good steward with our resources, including the world around me. So one of my "baby steps" is to reduce waste by recycling everything possible around our home. I have also commited to reducing our plastic grocery bag consumption by bringing my own bags when I shop! Above is a picture of one of my "zero plastic bag" shopping trips. I know it's simple and kind of lame, but I was super proud of myself and had to take a picture!
I hope to document more of my living simply discoveries as I continue to learn. This week I am reading about all the benefits and uses of vinegar around the home. We'll see where that leads me!
**Thanks Carol for the purple shopping bag...super handy when it comes to grocery shopping! :)


It's beginning to feel a lot like SUMMER!

One of the most recent favorite Autumn pics in Grammie's backyard!
Will post more later... :-)


Intolerant Truth

Erin, why are you "messing up this cute blog" that now centers around the beautiful growth of your daughter? Well, because this blog is about the SoCal Kerrs and our whole life - including reflections on how we live our lives.

I ran across this article about Atheism "gaining momentum".Part of what is giving the movement momentum is the proliferation of groups on college campuses. The Secular Student Alliance now has 146 chapters, up from 42 in 2003.

I point this out, not because I am worried about atheists. I am more concerned about people failing to see the logical conclusion that atheism leads to if one is honest. There is almost always some statement in these articles that talk about Christians or others being INTOLERANT of their beliefs. The irony and the issue that many fail to see is the atheist has a total absence of an absolute moral foundation. It's like claiming to build a skyscraper without having a foundation.

The thing that perplexes me about some of the statements in these articles by "secular humanists" is their use of ethical language. Can someone explain that to me? And how can the term "intolerant" be used by a secular humanist? Isn't that an oxymoron? Isn't that self-refuting? Without a belief in a "higher power" or a moral standard (the atheist must believe that man makes the rules), than the secular humanists BASIS/FOUNDATION/ANCHOR is rooted in what? It just becomes a matter of opinion or flavor.

If someone says I am intolerant because I take a stand on how I think the world is, based on the evidence available to us - philosophical, scientific, historical, archaeological even subjective experience... how can disagreement over ideas be intolerant? Now, if I don't treat someone with dignity/respect who happens to be different from me in ideology or ethnicity - that is wrong. But disagreeing on one's view... Isn't this one of the beautiful things about the U.S. - the freedom to have a marketplace of ideas where the truth wins out through dialogue and discussion with dignity?

I am all for allowing Secular Humanist clubs, socal organizations, etc. but I think it is intellectually dishonest, even illusory to have some sort of a moral indignation towards those who disagree with their worldview - THAT IS INTOLERANT.

Some other Thoughts
In my understanding of the evidence, the most compelling and coherent worldview that deals adequately with our human origin, our destiny, our identity and our morality is in Christianity - centrally in the Resurrection of Jesus Christ. Jesus was the most inclusive and yet intolerant figures in history (according to the cultural definition of intolerance). He loved (loves) all people because God the Father, made everyone in His image. But that does not mean all religions, worldviews, perspectives on salvation, paths to God are equally valid (John 14.6). Jesus did not accept people's belief systems for the sake of TOLERANCE. No way - His ministry was about telling the truth.

The religous leaders of his day missed the point - He rebuked and corrected them.
They needed to know the truth.

The hurt, diseased, broken, poor of his day found healing and hope by his touch, his words and his power over the spirit world as well as the physical. The Stoics, the Epicureans, the other faiths of the time didn't deliver this kind of power and hope.
They neeeded to know and experience the truth.

The disciples and his followers were hoping and anticipating an earthly king of the Jews - the Messiah - but he had to continually help them understand that the Messianic Kingdom was NOT how they thought it would be.
They needed to know the truth - His ministry on earth was the inauguration of a new covenant with God and His people... that the Kingdom of God was available to anyone (Jew and Gentile now!) who placed their faith in Jesus Christ as the Son of God.

Jesus died on a cross and rose from the dead, appeared before 500 people, including his disciples and others before his ascension... why?
They needed to know the truth - He had overcome death and verified his identity as the Messiah, and now they were to go and tell this to the world through the birth of the church, God's family of believers.

Thank goodness for intolerant truth. We can actually be changed, transformed and be forgiven by God who loves us and offers us real, true, abundant and eternal life. This is truly GOOD, intolerant news.


Who Endorsed This?

I think Rick Warren was in the bathroom when Dave Geisler asked for an endorsement.

Who says "refreshing"? Oh man...

Yep, Ravi Zacharias, Josh McDowell, Garry Poole and Erin Kerr all heartily recommend this book. Hilarious.

In all seriousness, I think Geisler's material is awesome and I told him that. If you want to be able to understand how to have conversations that really matter in a loving but intelligent way, pick up this book. I DO highly recommend it.