Washington DC!

Autumn and I spent the first week of July in Washington DC visiting my brother Jordan and his wife Lindsay. We had a fantastic visit and Autumn did great...although I must say it was nice to have a second pair of hands to help since my mom traveled with us. Our time was spent relaxing at Jordan and Lindsay's house (at Bolling Air Force base) and doing some sight-seeing. This was my third visit to our nation's capital, but this time around I was able to enjoy it from the perspective of someone who lives there. Jordan drove us all around the city! We stopped at quaint places to eat, walked around Georgetown, shopped in Alexandria and watched fireworks over the monuments from across the Potomac River! A once-in-a-lifetime experience (at least for me!). Best of all Uncle and Auntie got to love on their sweet niece Autumn and their dogs Cooper and Charlie did as well! Enjoy some of the best pics as well as the captions...

Cooper is so curious about this little baby...once Autum warmed up to the dogs she LOVED watching them run all over the place and would stretch out her hand to touch. She was overwhelmed with doggy kisses!

Autumn is 9 months old! What a drastic change we have seen in her over the past month. She is growing by leaps and bounds and we discover something new that she can do almost everyday. The day before we left she popped her first tooth!

We spent one afternoon exploring Mount Vernon, although it was extremely crowded due to the holiday weekend. George Washington is my absolute favorite historical figure and it was fun to walk around the museum....and get rained on! A storm rolled in as we were waiting for the mansion and we were drenched!

My daughter has officially become addicted...thanks to daddy (and mommy?)!

4th of July patriotism...this outfit was perfect (thanks MorMor!)
"I love my Uncle Jordan! Thanks for your service as a Marine! Ooh-rah!"

One of mommy's favorites...

Barbequeing in the afternoon...waiting for the firework show!

National Marine Corps Museum in Quantico...Autumn is sporting her dress blues!

Globe and Anchors

The oldest house in Washington DC...circa 1764

Our last day in the city we spent walking around Georgetown and visiting a couple of the monuments including the new World War II memorial. Wow!! What an amazing tribute to the men and countries that sacrificed so much. The day was hot and Autumn enjoyed dipping her footsies into the pool with Grammie.

The Lincoln Memorial in the background....I ran up the steps to see ol' Abraham but Autumn was conked out in her stroller. She had seen enough! :)

On our way home sitting in Grammie's lap. It is quite difficult to travel with a 9 month old! Autumn was super antsy and wanted to stretch her legs. She enjoyed peering over the seats at the people all around and only slept 30 minutes each flight. Grammie had some surprises in her bag to keep Autumn occupied including fishy crackers and a play cell phone! But overall she was an excellent traveler and has been across the country and back! We missed daddy and were glad to be home!


mamajoyCarol said...

Thanks for sharing your pictures...it looks like a marvelous time was had by ALL!

love and hugs....

Don said...

Great Pics. More fun when we see ya in August!


StacyGal said...

SO FUN! I love the doggy pic and her 4th outfit!!

Mommy of KraftyGang kids said...

Sounds like a great trip! Cute little girl!

Melinda said...

What kind of dogs? Look like they have some boxer in them. My in-laws had a brown boxer named Charlie. Sweetheart of a dog. They just got a new one - a brindle named Bulls Eye. They had to put Charlie down because of cancer. We LOVE boxers :o)

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