Saddleback Irvine Worship Night (Feb 13)!

Our first gathering for Saddleback Irvine at El camino Elementary! 250 people showed up - thankfully! We wanted to gather together to worship, meet one another and hear the vision of a community built on Jesus' idea of reconciliation, transformation and love. With Momma Kerr, Joy, Cody, Christy, Von Ebers (and Elisabeth), Sogo and Zimmerman showing support, it was well - awesome.

We officially launch on Easter Weekend - March 22-23!

Pretty soon our website will be up but for now we have a simple sign up page:


Marshall Family Picture from Christmas

Hey... I know I was supposed to upload some picts from Christmas about a month ago so your delayed gratification is now rewarded with ONE picture...here you go. Lindsey's sister, Jess (who is also an incredible Halo 3 player), took this family picture on the front lawn of Mama Jane (aka Nancy) and Randy's place in Ventura. (Above, left to right- me, Ben, Joy, Nancy, Lindsey, Randy, Jordan).