Marshall Family Picture from Christmas

Hey... I know I was supposed to upload some picts from Christmas about a month ago so your delayed gratification is now rewarded with ONE picture...here you go. Lindsey's sister, Jess (who is also an incredible Halo 3 player), took this family picture on the front lawn of Mama Jane (aka Nancy) and Randy's place in Ventura. (Above, left to right- me, Ben, Joy, Nancy, Lindsey, Randy, Jordan).


Don said...

Greatpicture. How about the one of you guys and the Gaps . . .sorry we did not have a Japanese tourist come by to include us in that picture. We love the Marshall gang too!

Poppa Kerr

Alex said...

Very nice photo. Handsome people. And you look like you're six foot five.

THE GTEAM said...


Rachel said...

Great picture! Miss you guys!