Saddleback Irvine Worship Night (Feb 13)!

Our first gathering for Saddleback Irvine at El camino Elementary! 250 people showed up - thankfully! We wanted to gather together to worship, meet one another and hear the vision of a community built on Jesus' idea of reconciliation, transformation and love. With Momma Kerr, Joy, Cody, Christy, Von Ebers (and Elisabeth), Sogo and Zimmerman showing support, it was well - awesome.

We officially launch on Easter Weekend - March 22-23!

Pretty soon our website will be up but for now we have a simple sign up page:

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Elizabeth said...

Im so excited for you guys.. I think you guys were designed to be in ministry together and I cant wait to see the opportunities God brings through this adventure. Weve been praying for this since summer!