Happy 1st Birthday Autumn!

Our sweet Autumn Elizabeth is ONE! Where did the year go?? Here are most recent pics of her taken by Grandpa and MorMor during their visit the last week of September. Autumn is truly a joy and brings so much delight each and every day. She now points at everything she is curious about and babbles nonstop! She can say "da-da", "mom", "bye-bye" and I'm almost positive she has said "book" ;). She loves to hug and kiss her stuffed animals one by one and gives kisses whenever asked! Autumn is days away from walking hands-free. She scoots all over the room in a matter of minutes and will walk on her own from one object to the next without hesitating. I don't think she realizes how stable she really is and will lose confidence and tumble to her bottom. She continues to eat like a beast! As Grammie says, "I don't think I've seen her refuse any food that is put in front of her!" She now eats spaghetti, macaroni and cheese (with veggies of course!), fruity puree cookies (homemade by mommy) and lots of chicken! For her birthday yesterday we took her to get a special fruit smoothie all her own and she slurped it down...can't say I was surprised.
We are so grateful for the precious gift that Autumn is to us...born in Autumn and already living her namesake by bringing joy to us in each changing season of this first year. Father God thank you for your indescribable gift! We rejoice at the celebration of her first year of life! We love you sweetzie girl, Autumn Elizabeth Kerr.