105 Ain't Enough to Stop the Party!

Yep - it was like 105 down here. Thats what I was told and it felt like it. Who on earth would even consider hsoting a BARBEQUE on a day like today - well the Kerrs.

But the draw to meet one another's neighbors must have pulled people out of obscurity. 7 of our neighbors, plus about 12 of our friends came together for some Extreme Bocce (amidst the playground) and some Speed "Uno" (thanks Gaps for that one). We had a great time and look forward to more time with everyone in the future.

Check out the picts.

Not shown - but the highlight for me was receiving an authentically autographed Dallas Cowboy jersey from Superbowl XVIII from the MVP of that game - Dallas Safety James Washington. My friend Eddie works with him at Fox Sports and got it for me! Eddie - nice! OK, well, if you know the NFL - Emmitt was MVP (and as much as I love Emmitt) Washington ARGUABLY should have had the MVP for the game. He had a fumble recovery for a TD, another forced fumble (recovered by Dallas) and an interception. My friend Eddie told me he apreciates that I realize he was "robbed".

Anyway... enjoy a few picts.


THE GTEAM said...

I was hoping you'd post some pics about your get together---how fun! Wish I could have been there. The Ocampo's baby is SO CUTE!
Way to go with the Bocce and Uno.

Mark said...

I am so bummed I could not be there! My flight took off earlier than I thought and it just was not meant to be! Looked like you guys had a blast! Maybe next time! Love you guys! Thanks for hanging this weekend

Alex said...

Emmitt has nothing on James Washington! Free James Washington! I have no idea who he is but that jersey sounds awesome. Are you sure he didn't photoshop it? :)

Great pics and cool little animated slideshow... Wish Flickr could do that.