Hypo - what?

Well... for those of you are NOT aware, I have been diagnosed with HYPOTHYROIDISM (Erin, not Joy). Turns out, I have an underactive thyroid. What does the thyroid do?

Went to the doctor's a few weeks ago for a bad cold (ear issues) and as he checked me over, he noticed my thyroid seemed slightly enlarged indicating "vascular activity".

Anyway, two blood tests and a Thyroid scan later, my results came back with extremely high levels of TSH (don't quote me on that acronym) which indicates my antibodies are attacking my thyroid gland - thus the increase of blood flow in the area.

There are many symptoms... but the one I can most identify with is lethargy and mental fatigue (no wonder I am addicted to coffee!)

Anyway, treatment is taking a pill for the rest of my life once a day, called Levoxyl.

Here is an article on the issue if interested.


Carol said...

You're going to feel so much better,
I know!

love Mommmmmmmaaa

Alex said...

Dang, fatigue is a lousy symptom, especially for a busy dude. Glad you were able to narrow it down...

THE GTEAM said...

Wow, bro...glad you found this out---hopefully you'll be feeling alot better soon!

Ben and Sara said...

our favorite team is the dallas cowboys

The Atkins Family said...

Perusing the Gap's links and was just reading this. Welcome to the club. Honestly, I've been on the synthetic stuff for like 15 years now and of all of the things in the world to have to deal with, this is such a simple one. And pretty soon you'll be able to tell when you need to go have the level adjusted. So easy. Hope that's encouraging. :) - Jen