Joy Gets Eye Surgery

Thanks for all your prayers yesterday.

Joy is out and at home recovering since yesterday. Her infamous "Pirate" pict - RIGHT AFTER SURGERY and STILL ENJOYING HER VALIUM - has been cleared for the public.

  • She said “that it was the weirdest surgery” but it seems to have gone well.
  • We went back today for a follow up where she had her “patch” removed (we will upload this pict soon) and start taking ointment medication.
  • It will take about a week for the swelling and irritation from the surgery to go down so her 5th graders are going to LOVE her new look – albeit temporary.
  • What was the problem? Pterygium surgery.
Eye Surgery Survival Kit - See Below

Ok, the three movies on the left were my idea (3 for $20 at BB).

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THE GTEAM said...

I want an eye surgery survival kit. But without the painkillers and boy movies.
Glad to hear she's on the mend!