The Eakin Invasion

Our good friends, The Eakins, that I (Erin) have known since college came to Socal from Denver for Disneyland and sun. It was an awesome 2 hour whirlwind of activity and laughs. Great to see them and have them meet Autumn for the first time. Their kids are Troon (oldest boy), Kendall (girl) and Cameron (youngest boy) - the most active, well spoken and best behaved kids we know. Nice job Evan and Sue!


Don said...

Great you had a visit by the Aiken "Team" . . .what a great family and friendship. Love the Autumn updates too.

The Sittmans said...

Ahhh, I am jealous...Looks like a great time. Hey Kerr, get on facebook, Martin and Brenden are looking for you, and they need Jesus. Martin just moved in your area.