Family and Family Resemblance

We have finally discovered a part of Autumn that actually looks like her Dad. After seeing Joy's baby picts, Autumn is a mirror image of my brunette bombshell wife with one exception... just like her dad, she has super- narrow, long feeeeeeet. Check these babies out!

Look at the big toe extension...
They are for swimming "freestyle" sweetheart!

Here are some more fun family picts...


Tony's 2 Cents said...

Love the toes shot! Well, I'm lovin' every picture of my niece, to be honest!
What a CUTIE!!!

mamajoyCarol said...

Ahhhh sweet sweet sleeping with a full tummy of Mommie's milk!


Don said...

Is "TwinkleToes" going to be her knickname? Love her sooooooooomuch!

Grandpa Don