Good Times with McFaddens, Grammy and Baby Shower #73

Kelly, a very calm Autumn and Mike "Ferris" McFadden (the guy who sent an awful pict of Autumn in a Bronco uni)... stopping in while out from Denver (yes, ironically the Eakins were here and from Denver as well - good memory people!)

"Grammy", Autumn and Joy ready for shower #73...

Thank you Lord, she slumbers... and so do I.

Yahoo - thanks Denise and McFads (Correction - THIS ONE IS from McFads, Denise's arrived in the mail! Sorry - thanks to both!). And to the Garcias, whose PINK version is also a HIT. The McFaddens atoned for their Bronco prank by getting us a THIRD Cowboy outfit. Too bad they (the Cowboys) are horrible right now. Thanks everyone!


mamajoyCarol said...

Textbook perfect baby holding position, Erin! Dr. whatever of "Happiest Baby on the Block" would be very proud of you...and Autumn agrees, obviously!

love, Mama

THE GTEAM said...

Yay for the fun cowboys outfits...she's gonna look so adorable in those. LOVE THE PICS! Thanks for keeping us long-distance family and friends in the loop!