Welcome Autumn (Elizabeth Kerr)!

Autumn Elizabeth Kerr arrived on Thursday, Oct 2, 2008 at 8:52am at St Joseph's, Orange, CA at a stout 8 lbs 7 oz and 20 inches long! Brown hair and blue eyes (for now)... yahoo, thank you Lord for this wonderful blessing! She has already started asking me about the Cowboys game on Sunday - thankfully, we will be able to watch the game together.

We are home and plan on getting our movie files edited and uploaded for your viewing - thanks for all of your prayers and support! We are pumped...oops, now for a diaper change.


Thomas Family said...

We love the name!!!!! Goodness! She is beautiful! Can't wait to meet her and get her and Alanna together for a playdate in their Dallas attire. There is a package coming to you from Target...Hopefully it is in 1 box, but it should be arriving this week in case they didn't put who it is from. We love you three. Enjoy that bundle!!!!!

ChrisGapp said...

Congrats! What A beautiful little baby girl. God bless all 3 of you guys, cant wait to see more pics!

Chris and Amy Gapp

Kelly said...

Hi Joy!
Jen told me about your blog. Congratulations! She is beautiful and I'm so excited for your new little family!!
Kelly Petinak