Autumn Gets Out


THE GTEAM said...

Awww...I love this! Video of her sound asleep, and you guys getting OUT. So fun!
I remember Isella's baby acne. Just tell her you'll be able to give her Clearasil when she has it at 14.

mamajoyCarol said...

Oh you are a cute family! Joy, that scarf is great! I love the fact that I know where you're hanging out! Whooooo eeeee!


Thomas Family said...

AWE! So cute! Alanna had her first Starbucks outing the other day too. Dumb Mommy forgot to bring the camera. Oh well....there is always next time.
Alanna had baby acne all over her cheeks. It's so cute!!! Keep thoes pics coming! I wish I were there to hold that cute little baby Autumn!!!!

Martha Joyous said...

Oh my gosh; what a lovely day, what a lovely fountain, what lovely parents; what a fabulous little sleepy girl with her binkie. And, I must point out: What FABULOUS DRINKS!
Ahhhhhhh...life is good.

StacyGal said...

So fun! It looks like your family outing went great and how cute does Autumn look in her infant seat! I love it!