Autumn Top Ten Update

We Love Autumn more and more! Here is her Top Ten Update
  1. Joy and I have also fallen in love with the baby video monitor - set it up tonight. Brilliant.
  2. Autumn's acne is subsiding - now she will be cute to everyone else as well:).
  3. I have also noticed I am watching baby gear commercials with surprising interest like diaper fit technology and such.
  4. I may accidently kiss her right (facial) cheek off if I am not careful.
  5. "Grammy" (Joy's Mom) has discovered Autumn's ability to stand with someone else balancing her.
  6. Joy is a natural at being a fantastic momma.
  7. You are all ridiculously generous - friends, family and church family... meals are still coming this week from church. How can we keep this going until Christmas?
  8. Autumn's #3 ranked favorite spot is being held while me or Joy bounce on the blue yoga ball.
  9. Her perch retains the #2 most desirable location after three weeks ( #1 Mommy).
  10. At 3 weeks old, she has more christmas outfits than I have cowboy paraphenalia.


mamajoyCarol said...

More Christmas than Cowboys? Well the girl does have her priorities....


mamajoyCarol said...

As to Autumn standing: it's just awesome how these little ones want to stretch their legs out. How do they know to do that? Little toes dig into your lap as they push up.

Don said...

Hey! Love the notes . . . let's have the pictures we know you are taking.
She is growing up too fast. Dance lessons next?


THE GTEAM said...

Awwwww......I love her!

Betsy said...

So funny! Keep them coming!!! :o)

Jimmy Kat said...

Yea, #4 for sure! You wish they were edible some how.