Autumn in Action


THE GTEAM said...

LOVE videos....LOVE our niece!
:)t and w

Don said...

Way to jiggle that baby, Erin!
I bet you find yourself jigglin' absentmindedly while at staff meetings.
tee hee! Sign of a Dad.
I still rock side to side on my feet while waiting in lines!!

Mamajoy aka "Mor mor"!!!

Don said...

Hey, Carol was on my Computer! My comment is "Love Her Soooooooo Much"
Keep the video's coming she will be growing so fast ..


Momma J said...

I LOVE her!!! I miss her already. Love the baby uggs!! Gramma loves you "Autty" and so does "Gramp Randy"

stearnzie said...

she is something else. you guys are so blessed!