What's a Babymoon?

I don't know what a Babymoon is but Joy said we needed to take one so I simply made a reservation and we went for an overnighter about 20 minutes down the road.

Starting off at Pacific Whey at Newport Coast on the drive down PCH.

Enjoying the BEST chocolate chip oatmeal cookies before lunch arrives!
My stupored look when starving.

Laguna Beach's La Casa Del Camino - cute, you pay for location, not room comfort.


Momma J said...

I love it. So glad you guys are enjoying each other and enjoying the goodness of the Lord. His creation is most astounding! Love you and baby too. Momma J

Auntie Carol said...

We have good memories from there as well! They weren't serving food as they were renovating their Dining Room at that time!

Peace and love,
Mamammmmmmaaaajoy (the other Momma!)