The Shack

So...typically Erin is the one reviewing signficant and life-changing books he is reading, but today I am blogging about one that is changing me! (since I have a lot more time due to summer vacation and have been able to actually read again). Some of you may have heard about the controversial fictional read called "The Shack." If you haven't I encourage you to check it out and pick it up. The author, William P. Young, wrestles with deeply spiritual concepts, views and stereotypes of typical "christianity" all through narrative format and it is powerful! I am nearly finished with the book and after each chapter, I am forced to sit back, meditate on what I read and pray for God to search my heart and mind. What I am left with is a new-found freedom in my relationship with Christ and a new understanding of the love the Father has for me. On Wednesday night, the author spoke at Mariners Church and I went to hear the background behind the story and his testimony. I am so very interested to hear your thoughts/ponderings after reading the novel and hope to pass this book along to as many friends/family as possible! If my blog seems to be a bit vague, I apologize but I don't want to give too much about the plot away. Keep me posted and happy reading!


Heart of Wisdom said...

Nice you got hear the author's story. I enjoyed the book and I'm a little puzzled by the attacks.

I wrote a lengthy review.

The Bakers said...

Loved it. I still chew on some of the thoughts from the book. I was just going to call and ask you for some new book titles. . .Love you!!

stearnzie said...

This book was amazing! I love how God was so relevant to the Main Character. People may be a little turned off by the rumors they hear about this book, but if they would just read it, they would see that the only reason God appears to Mack the way he does is because he loves him so much and wants him to reconcile.

Glad you got to read this one. I know that it changed a lot of my perceptions of God, especially growing up in " " Church :)

Auntie Carol said...

Joy, I also loved this book. Tony had highly recommended it for all his friends and students, so of course I HAD to check it out!
Halfway through I went online to see where the author was coming from and stumbled on a lot of contrasting reflections by people.
I appreciate Young's purpose which was to communicate the concept of the Trinity to his high school age children. I found his use of fiction to be inspired!
For the mmost part, people have a great difficulty with the question "Where is God in times of crisis and suffering". This book makes an excellent case for the presence of God over a lifetime that includes pain and heartache.
I have found that those who have been Christians for a long time have their own pretty solidified ideas of the persons of the Trinity. I don't think this story means as much and at times can be somewhat threatening to them.
But when I used to sell books at the Christian Bookstore, I found that there were those who really enjoyed Fiction and others that preferred Non Fiction.
I always kept that in mind when recommending a good read!
Our church has a Book Club this summer and they're reading The Shack together.

love, Mamajoy