WARNING: This is a random entry. Read at your own risk of being bored or disinterested.

For some weird reason, I actually get pumped on tennis when its Wimbledon.

I haven't picked up a tennis raquet since Eakin (my college buddy with nice sunglasses, seen here in this striking photo) and I played a few matches in college to re-live our high school tennis exploits.

And ever since Agassi's competitiveness dimmed with Sampras in the late 90s, I am only concerned really about watching two players play now - Andy Roddick and Rafael Nadal.

Roddick, because he seems to be the only decent American male tennis player right now and Nadal because he is the only one that seems to give (1) ranked, 12 grand slam winner, 5 straight Wimbeldon wielding Roger Federer some problems.

I can't stand Federers domination of the sport and I love the Spaniards' "passion"/style of play - smacking the ball as hard and as fast as he can - serving at speeds of 125 mph. And hustling everywhere around the court... my type of player.

So being, Wimbeldon time, I found out Nadal (left) vs Federer (right) were playing in the final today and I actually tivoed the SIX HOUR alloted time (in HD) - it was on from 6am-Noon!

I was actually giddy driving home from church to watch it - so weird. You may have even thought I was going to watch the Dallas Cowboys play or something -- OK, maybe not that excited.

Turned out to be one of the most amazing matches I have ever seen. The level of play was phenomenal.

Nadal is a clay court dominator but has struggled on grass against Fed, never winning at Wimbeldon, but not any more... the 22 yr old, grinded through what seemed to be heart breaking TIEBREAK lossess of the 3 and 4th sets when he could have closed it after winning the first two (6-4, 6-4). Random Hello Kitty here... (Kurian this is for you).

Somehow, someway, Nadal pulled it out after the longest Wimbledon in history with the fifth set going to tiebreaker with Nadal winning 9-7. Way to go NADAL, WE DID IT... FEDERER has been dethroned... through my cheering and your playing. We are a force Rafael. Nice job.



ChrisGapp said...

Dude I watched it too. I could not help but get pumped up for Nadal... Crazy! Aim and I are gettin married at a tennis club. Last summer we bought rackets after settin the date there.(We played once) I am now passionate about the yard sale we have in which we sell stuff we buy that we really do not need-

Auntie Carol said...

Randomly passionate about my next read.
So reading a gigantic book while we're traveling...doesn't get better than that!
Just finished "The Film Club"..we've got to talk!

love, Mamajoy

Auntie Carol said...

Hello Kitty~Kurian? Whaaaaaa?


Alex said...

Love these kinds of posts. In fact, this is what blogging is all about -- hearing your random thoughts on stuff.

I didn't watch this match, but I felt the same way about the US Open a couple weeks ago. I *never* watch golf on TV and rarely play, but like you I recorded the several-hour match in HD and loved every minute -- Tiger pulls it off, even with a messed up knee and stress fracture.

Don said...

Did Joy redecorate the whole house while you were watching this? As she asked is "this okay?, or that okay?" and you amiably said, SURE!, SURE! Great timing Joy, what a WIN to have your hubby hooked on Tennis! . . . in the Cowboys' off season.

Poppa Don

THE GTEAM said...

You almost lost me in a blur of sports thoughts, but Hello Kitty brought me back.

I'm randomly passionate about stationary stores. That's random for you.


Denise said...

Your boy Nadal is playing well and winning over in Beijing!

[I'm passionate about the Olympics!]