Post Christmas Chilling

Autumn is napping, Randy got home from work and the rest of the family is talking about the all of the possible details for the Benjaca (Ben-Jessica) Wedding in April.

So, it seemed like a good time to test Word 2007's ability to post a blog from straight from Word. I am skeptical about whether I got the Picture uploading right.

This picture was taken by Nancy a few days ago – it is called "Autumn and Friends".


Don said...

No picture . . .try again!

Love the updates.


Jimmy Kat said...

Your skepticism serves you well my child.

Don said...

Finally! What a cute picture. Can you send me a high res copy . . or is this a cell phone pic?


Lena and Derek said...

So cute! Love the picture.

Betsy said...

She's adorable!!

Mommy of KraftyGang kids said...

she is so cute! Autumn is on my girl list if we get to have one!