Looks a Lot Like Christmas... And More

Joy has brought her decorative skills to bring Christmas to our living room.

This called the Slump and Sleep!

Arms of Love...


Don said...

Too cute, can't wait to see her soon. Keep those videos coming.


THE GTEAM said...

I agree---there's something about videos! Love it!
Isella's on my lap and said "again" and "again" to watch the bottom video. Then she said, "Silly cousin Autumn." and "Hi Cutie, how ya doin?"
Can't wait to see you!

Martha Joyous said...

What a cutie patootie with a lovely binkie going on there...Autumn looks like she would like to see KIPPER!!! Yes, another KIPPER devotee.....have a great holiday you guys!

from your crazy Vallejo family

mamajoyCarol said...

I wonder wherever Isella heard
"Hi cutie, how are you doing?"

Sounds like an Uncle Erinism!

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