Day 1

I have been a lame blogger but apparently there are some people that "care". I just read the comments that five of you so kindly left from my last post over two weeks ago. I laughed out loud... Vorbau and Chris Gap... hilarious.

I'll highlight Christmas next post.

Well, I didn't want to throw a New Years party but my wife had different plans... we had 23 of our friends hang out last night. It was awesome. Speed Uno was another outstanding hit (thanks Gaps) as we yelled, laughed and slapped the NINE card. So fun with the Schultes, Jensen, the Dos (yeah - I get to co-perform their wedding with Sogo!), Karen and Eddie, the Rasmussens, Kurian, Sogos, Meeshee, Elisabeth and Michael, Nick and Terry, Jacob, Josh, Christy, the Sakkoulas, Kelly Mcfadden... it was awesome.

Those with kids eventually went home at around 9:30pm when Kurian said "Man, 9pm has become the new midnight."

We finished out the night and into the new year with our Martinelli toasts. And we had our first offical sleep over with Elisabeth staying in our 2nd bedroom, Christy and Joy sharing the Master, Erin took the second floor couch and due to Kurian's snoring issues... we forced his little body onto our small couch downstairs in the office... sorry Kurian:).

Today has been a day of reflecting upon some of the joys and learnings from last year. I am really thankful and overwhelmed at our familys, our friends, our jobs and our neighbors, the Dallas Cowboys season (hehehe)... and ofcourse my wonderful, beautiful and patient wife - Joyus.

New Years resolutions? I am still processing goals for this next year but I know it will involve - relational, physical, vocational, financial and marital goals... yeah, all talk at this point but I mention it to have people ask me about them - ensuring that I define them soon:).

Watching Colt Brennan struggle... looks like Hawaii "doesn't belong"... I hope they can turn it around against Georgia but it isn't looking good.

Looking forward to going back to work tomorrow to get ready for the new church... 13 weeks and counting until launch! Yikes.


Colby Family said...

I got your comment! I can't wait to read all your about you guys. Hope you're doing great!

Suzie said...

Go Dawgs! Sorry, couldn't resist...I do live in Georgia now. Don't worry about not posting for a few weeks, I haven't for a few months now! No guilt! Happy New Year, ya'll!