I am Legend... I Hope

Haven't blogged in a while. Had a relaxing day with Joy, woke up... went to Corner Bakery for some Swiss Oatmeal and coffee with our reflection time over Beth Moore or Dallas Willard. 

There was a, not so shy or quiet, self-promoting soccer coach sitting with some soccer parents and all their kids nearby outside. Joy and I laughed as we left there about 1 hour later and he LITERALLY had not stopped talking the WHOLE time - we couldn't believe it, an amazing feat for someone so obviously humble. 

We went shopping for PEOPLE and then we headed home for an afternoon of gift wrapping (JOY) and Halo xbox live (with Irons)... we later hit the gym and came home. Joy made an amazing stir fry with a full on vegetable platter left over from her staff Christmas party the night before. WOW... nice.

And now... I am hoping and blogging that we can go see I Am Legend with Will Smith. That's it, that's all I got. I don't know if anyone cares but that IS what the Socal Kerrs did today:). 


THE GTEAM said...

I care. And I want to know what you thought of that movie because every time I see the preview for it it freaks me out.

Don said...

Are you saving this movie for family fun in Norcal . . .let me know.

I care.


Carol said...

I care as well! I laughed at the "buying gifts for PEOPLE.." I mentally saw your head cock to the side and the eyes open wide and a pursed mouth in typical Erin pose!
You're so funny!
Do we now get to call you the "Right Reverend Kerr" now that the 15th has come and gone?
Maybe next year we'll all be down at Tustin Saddleback for Christmas services!
love and hugs,

Alex said...

I am officially the only one who cares and is not in your immediate family.

This is why I like blogs. Hearing about the everyday.

I'll be seeing Legend this week with Westy and other xbox geeks. Should be cool.

ChrisGapp said...

I care.. I also care that Jessica Simpson is Romo's kryptonite.. Not that the Bears should even play in the NFL anymore. But I thought i'd pop in and rib ya on the Cowboys... They look awesome this year... Must be nice!
Happy Holidays to you and Joy!

Chi-Town Gapps