Isella Visit - Oh, I mean Thanksgiving too!

We had EVERYONE over the Thanksgiving weekend starting off with Joy's mom and brother (Ben) who came down Wednesday. My parents also came down early and crashed at a nearby hotel. We had a Kurian sighting and got the latest on his SF adventures. Thanksgiving Day was a blast with Randy and "Nanner" (my name for Joy's grandmother) driving down from ventura around noon... and the fact that the Cowboys won didn't hurt the day either:).

Did I mention that my WIFE did an AWESOME job with the turkey this year? And did I also mention how incredible Nancy, Carol and Nanner helped pull off such a great feast? Thanks women - it was sooo good.

Games, food and a memorable Thanksgiving "thank" session over speakerphone with Jordan and Lindsey (who are in Maryland) filled our day. God is good all the time but it was fun thinking about it together. Randy and Nanner had to head out after some serious "speed uno" and an attempt at learning how to play Halo 3:). I am proud of you Randy.

Tony, Wendy and Isella arrived on Friday morning and got to hang with Nancy and Ben before they left back for Ventura. The rest of the weekend was hanging out with the Kerr/Gap side - doddling Isella, seeing movies, working out together (with Tony and Wen) and even going to Saddleback Church on Saturday night.

The Kerr/Gap entourage left Monday morning for the "short" drive up the 5 back to NorCal. It was a great weekend - Joy and I had a blast with our families we love and appreciate them so much for making the trek!


Carol said...

Sweet memories! I love the fact that Joy will string white lights on anything that stays in one place for any length of time!

You GO! girl!


THE GTEAM said...

You guys are such great hosts---we had such a fun time!
Thank you!