A substitute in Mrs. Kerr's class

A little late...but definitely worth it! On Halloween the students were definitely surprised to see a strange but familiar person come hobbling up to the classroom. Students and parents alike were whispering "Is that Mrs. Kerr?" "It is Mrs. Kerr!" "No, it's not!" She stepped up to the very curious students in line for the day (stifling a burst of laughter) and said: "Is this Mrs. Kerr's class?? I'll be your substitute for the day."
Yes, it's true, I dressed up like an old lady for Halloween and surprised not only my students but my entire staff and parents! The inspiration was the gray wig I was given several years back and a pair of old reading glasses. The rest just came together the night before (with a little help from my friend Christy). The makeup was one of the best parts since I made my skin super pale and used eye shadow to exaggerate lines of aging all over my face. Erin was out of the house bright and early that day, but nevertheless, I was literally cracking myself up getting ready in the morning. My ultimate goal was to remain in "substitute" character all day long and I did well until my students realized it was me (10 minutes into the day!) For the parade, I had one of my students, Brett (who dressed up as a girl) escort me around the school since I was quite feeble and unstable...luckily I had a cane!
The day was unforgettable and I couldn't stop laughing. Finally, at the end of the day Colton said "Enough already Mrs. Kerr! We know it's you! You can take your wig off now!" Hilarious! Oh, and the icing on the cake was getting to visit my sweet Jessie at her home after school where I acted in character saying: "I've aged a bit since you last saw me." To which she replied: "I know it's you Mrs. Kerr!" between precious chuckles and smiles. -Joy


THE GTEAM said...

HILARIOUS!!! Your class is so lucky to have you. Cool to see a pic of Jessie on here too. Way to BLOG, Joy! Love it!

Carol said...

You're going to be the cutest Grandma when you actually reach that age!
If I was a teacher friend of yours, I'd just check out that 4th finger on your left hand to determine if it was Mrs. Kerr or Viola Swamp!

love the pic's and the blog!

See you soon!
Say...where did you get that cool outfit anyways? Hmmmmmm....(!!!)

Carol :0)

huy said...

i have not laughed this much in a while. hilarious!! wow...kids are super funny. joy, nice costume!