Guys Weekend

Once a year in October - a bunch of buddies from college get together to descend upon a hapless beachside village and corrupt it with non-stop rotations of stuffing our faces, playing xbox, sharing stories and an occasional football toss before we all keel over from pulled hamstrings... this year: MISSION BAY, SAN DIEGO.

Vorbau, Westphal, Eakin, Irons, Lang and Kerr in the mix.

It was actually more hilarious and fun than these photos seem but don't take our melancholic stares too literally... they are merely a restrained veneer so that our wonderful families at home won't be too jealous while our spouses take care of all the kiddos for 3-4 days!

Thank you women - we appreciate it deeply!

PS: Thanks to ALEX and CHRIS for their great pictures (all the good ones are theirs -most from ALEX).

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