Motherly Encouragement

I love my Mom. She has a distinctive and unique way of connecting with her son. She pays close attention weekly to an area of the paper that she normally doesn't read - all because she loves him - she actually reads the sports page.

Why? So she can see how the Cowboys did this week and relate to her son.

I can tell you story after story of my Mom over the years offering me motherly encouragement:

"I was really hurt the way that guy tackled Troy Aikman honey. Are they allowed to do that?"

"Yes Mom, that's called a sack."

Or when my Mom was working at a Christian bookstore and saw a guy with a Cowboys shirt on, she immediately called me at college:

"Honey, I have someone who wants to talk with you."

"Uh, hello?" says a strange, confused voice on the line.

"Hello?" I say, not knowing who my Mom handed the phone to.

"Yeah, I just walked into the store and I guess your mom wanted us to talk because I'm Cowboy fan too."

Yep, that's my Mom! And look at how thoughtful she was in congratulating me on the Cowboy win yesterday.
A pink ecard.
Thanks Mom! You are the best!


Carol said...

Isn't this what all mothers are supposed to do? :0)


Suzie said...

Your mom is an inspiration to me! Having 2 boys, I have learned to love watching THEM play sports (still not so much on tv!) and I even know quite a few NASCAR drivers and what cars they drive! Scary...

Don said...

Hilarious! She knows more about what is going on in football than I do!

How about those 9er's!