Last night Joy and I went to see "Juno" after eating one of our favorite "fast casual" restaurants (thanks Evan for the term, he works for Boston Market) - Pat & Oscars. Dang that bread is so bad for you but it is soooo good - a true butter bomb. 

The movie: Loved it. Quirky characters and folksy music brings out the awesome awkwardness of this funny and endearing story. A witty combination of life seen through a 16yr old, pregnant teenager armed with an articulate vocabulary (love it) and a brutally honest-let-me-tell-you-exactly-what-I-am-thinking personality that this emerging generation appreciates. And did I mention the movie was PACKED with teenagers at a 6:50pm showing? This movie resonates with students. Youth pastors may wanna check this movie out.


Carol said...

Love the new background color! It feels like a new year!
Love the movie review...I was iffy about the smart aleky girl in the trailers!
Love the Erin and Joy pics!


huy said...

juno...one our h2do's favorite movies ever! good work. we were thinking about calling to see if you wanted some mexican train action...next time. choo-choo!!!

eeakin said...

you're welcome