Our Sweet Small Group

Here we are right after we had a BBQ feast to celebrate all the guys moving a 450 lb. tree fort from the back yard to the Lanfried's front yard. Yeah - good thing Skip has a small group to help him:). Matt squatted it while we watched.

"We are better together" is totally true. Not only is this group meeting every other Tuesday Night wrestling with God's word together, but we actually enjoy being together. Go figure. Living a life following Jesus was never intended to be an individual adventure - we are in it together. We love these guys (and gals)! (From left to right - Skip and Lara Lanfried, Kelly and Mike McFadden, Matt and Kristy Irons, Erin and Joy Kerr, Justin and Kirsten Sogoian).

They are some of the peeps I notified to pray for Wendy's surgery going on as we speak! Wen - we love you and are praying for you!


Carol said...

This is one of the most color coordinated group pictures I've
ever seen! Nice job!

I'm also trying to figure out who was the appointed "click the timer and jump into place" person...as everyone looks so relaxed and in place.
Hmmmmmmmmm. I'd guess Erin, but he's in the center. Kelly McFadden looks as if she might have just sat down...that's my considered guess!

love all of you!

David Ogletree said...

Hello my name is David Ogletree. I am trying to find Chriss Kerr. Is he in that picture. His mothers name is Joy Kerr. He grew up in San Fernando Vally. I knew him from High School. I would really like to find Chris.

David Ogletree