My Sis

My Sister, Wendy, as many of you well know was whisked into surgery today. Many of you rallied and prayed for her - THANK YOU! She is doing fine, just getting out of surgery for a BURST APPENDIX - yes all you experienced appendix burstees knew from the description and so the doctors got with the program and are taking care of it. At this point, she will be in for a few more days but should be out soon. Please continue to pray for her quick and full recovery. Poor Husband Tony has been balancing bedside duty and making sure Isella is in good hands with Grandpa and MorMor (swedish for Grandma) Kerr.

Wendy - no more surgeries allowed. We love you!

Thank you Lord for your comfort, peace and presence.

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THE GTEAM said...

Thanks, Brother! I just got home today, had to check on the blogs. I SO APPRECIATE your prayers and everyone else's! God worked in how well Isella adapted to the change of care givers, how the nurses took to us and gave us special treatment, and how I can be home TODAY (Sat.) when it was projected Sunday. Phew! Still recovering, but home, a very welcome change!
Love you!
PS- Isella looks so...bored..in this pic! :)