Generation ME - How do we reach them?

I was talking with my friend Doug the other day (yeah some of you know him-crazy teddy bear of a jesus freak) and as we talked, the conversation turned to reaching the 20 somethings.

He mentioned the learnings of the US Army in how its old training methods weren't working anymore with this generation ( the screaming in your face, top-down authoritative model, whatever else they normally did was failing).

They turned to the work of a sociologist who was an expert in this area. One of the learnings Doug shared was the fact that when these guys were sent to Iraq, they were better taught by their buddies who had already been in the environment - in other words, they seemed more receptive learning peer to peer, smaller groups. Yeah not rocket science but they made the shift and who did they turn to?

They turned to this book by Jean Twenge (a prof in San Diego) Generation Me. I need to read it first but it may be a helpful resource in understanding how to connect with this next Generation and introduce them to Jesus. Order it.

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