Scrumptious Autumn...4 months old!

Sweet little Autumn is now over 4 months old...I can't believe how fast time passes. She is always happy, easily entertained and super vocal! I think she's going to be a talker...Her favorite pastime consists of sucking her extremely tasty hands, staring at her hands as they try to grab parrot or giraffey, and grabbing her toes while being changed (as if she is wondering what the heck these things are?) She loves the bumbo....the best invention ever as I am able to clean the kitchen, cook and read while she sits right next to me on the counter. Erin and I cannot help ourselves from smothering her in kisses all day long...she is simply SCRUMPTIOUS right now! We love to call her "munchie girl", "sweetzie", and "pumpkin". She has recently discovered the exersaucer toy where she is able to sit up and grab at really bright and colorful objects in front of her...she is super curious about everything. Her latest accomplishment is rolling over...she learned 2 weeks ago and now loves to roll over the moment she is on her tummy. I love the look on her face once she's rolled over: It's like "hmmm? how did that happen? Strange..." Hope you enjoy the new pics!


Mommy of KraftyGang kids said...

She's super cute!

Don said...

Oh boy, I love our little girl. Can't wait to smooch her up.