Just being honest. I know Matt has given me a hard time this year for being so "down" on the "hot" Cowboys who are now more in the "lukewarm" category. Easy for him to say being such a diehard fan of - well, fantasy football stats and persevering with no team in particular (his allegiance went something like this - 80's- 95' Niners, Montana's Chiefs, Moss's Vikings... and then what Matt?)

Anyway, the Boys have struggled and I am very aware of their weaknesses (#35 being one of them - just throw it to Jaques Reeves and it is a gimme TD). I am hoping for a strong performance but with all of the distractions, injuries and asst coaches being courted for coaching jobs, plus trying to beat the Giants THREE in a row... I think the odds are against The Boys in this one. Plaxico Burress plays very well against us and our pass def is in desperate need of some high draft picks. Ware - please help us.

I would like to see what you all think - Cowboys or Giants this weekend? 



Last night Joy and I went to see "Juno" after eating one of our favorite "fast casual" restaurants (thanks Evan for the term, he works for Boston Market) - Pat & Oscars. Dang that bread is so bad for you but it is soooo good - a true butter bomb. 

The movie: Loved it. Quirky characters and folksy music brings out the awesome awkwardness of this funny and endearing story. A witty combination of life seen through a 16yr old, pregnant teenager armed with an articulate vocabulary (love it) and a brutally honest-let-me-tell-you-exactly-what-I-am-thinking personality that this emerging generation appreciates. And did I mention the movie was PACKED with teenagers at a 6:50pm showing? This movie resonates with students. Youth pastors may wanna check this movie out.


Day 1

I have been a lame blogger but apparently there are some people that "care". I just read the comments that five of you so kindly left from my last post over two weeks ago. I laughed out loud... Vorbau and Chris Gap... hilarious.

I'll highlight Christmas next post.

Well, I didn't want to throw a New Years party but my wife had different plans... we had 23 of our friends hang out last night. It was awesome. Speed Uno was another outstanding hit (thanks Gaps) as we yelled, laughed and slapped the NINE card. So fun with the Schultes, Jensen, the Dos (yeah - I get to co-perform their wedding with Sogo!), Karen and Eddie, the Rasmussens, Kurian, Sogos, Meeshee, Elisabeth and Michael, Nick and Terry, Jacob, Josh, Christy, the Sakkoulas, Kelly Mcfadden... it was awesome.

Those with kids eventually went home at around 9:30pm when Kurian said "Man, 9pm has become the new midnight."

We finished out the night and into the new year with our Martinelli toasts. And we had our first offical sleep over with Elisabeth staying in our 2nd bedroom, Christy and Joy sharing the Master, Erin took the second floor couch and due to Kurian's snoring issues... we forced his little body onto our small couch downstairs in the office... sorry Kurian:).

Today has been a day of reflecting upon some of the joys and learnings from last year. I am really thankful and overwhelmed at our familys, our friends, our jobs and our neighbors, the Dallas Cowboys season (hehehe)... and ofcourse my wonderful, beautiful and patient wife - Joyus.

New Years resolutions? I am still processing goals for this next year but I know it will involve - relational, physical, vocational, financial and marital goals... yeah, all talk at this point but I mention it to have people ask me about them - ensuring that I define them soon:).

Watching Colt Brennan struggle... looks like Hawaii "doesn't belong"... I hope they can turn it around against Georgia but it isn't looking good.

Looking forward to going back to work tomorrow to get ready for the new church... 13 weeks and counting until launch! Yikes.