A Pregnancy Update...finally!

Baby Care Basics...one of many prenatal courses we have taken. I think this picture speaks for itself. I know, this baby is slightly scary looking!

So I have to show off my homemade curtains! Since I have been "nesting" for the past 2 months, I have tackled numerous projects that aren't even baby related. I've had the fabric for kitchen curtains for over a year and I finally busted out the sewing machine and re-taught myself how to sew (I originally learned from my mom back in high school, but that was over 10 years ago..yikes!). Here is the end product! Now our kitchen is so much more cozy and warm...

I am married to the most patient, persistent, loving (and especially handy!) husband ever! On one of his days off, Erin painted the baby's room all by himself and accomplished it in a matter of hours. He did such a great job. We painted the room a buttercream yellow, more on the neutral side, but definitely cheery! Thanks HONEY, for painting the room, assembling the crib (and other new furniture), hanging a pain-in-the-butt ceiling fan (and one more to come, ughh!), putting up curtain rods and curtains and cleaning out the garage. Baby Kerr can't wait to give you a hug for it all!

So we kind of lost track of exactly what month I am in since I have been going by the number of weeks. So here I am roughly 8 months pregnant. The following picture was taken just about 2 weeks later...so we might be a little off!

Now I'm exactly 9 months pregnant...just 4 weeks to go! I am feeling pretty BIG and more and more tired the farther along I get. Baby girl loves to move around and recently she loves to HICCUP! She gets the hiccups at least 3 times a day! I am officially back to work with 35 5th grade students on Wednesday and a huge belly. I am hoping to teach about 2 1/2 weeks before I pass my job off to a long-term sub and wait for baby Kerr to arrive. Please pray for a safe, timely and healthy delivery! We'll post more soon!


THE GTEAM said...

Joy, you are too cute!
Can't wait for my niece!

Drea n Marc said...

We are praying for you 3! we can not WAIT to see that little bundle of pink preciousness!!!!!!
Love the nursery pic and the baby basic pic. WOW! Looks like Erin is part African American after all -that baby is BROWN! lol (thinking back to Erins priceless comment at Wendy's weding).
We love you all!!!!!!!
Marc, Andrea and Alanna