Erin Goes to Cowboy vs Bears Game! (Mini Videos included)

Yep, my good buddy Michael Von Ebers was kind enough to buy me a ticket to the game as long as I got myself out there. In addition, his friend Ilya (seen in first pict getting a cab for us after our first night at Kingston Mines Blues Club) was generous enough to crash at his place.

I flew in late Saturday Night where Von Ebers (aka Vebbes) picked me up at Ohare and immediately took me downtown to experience the Chop House. Vebbes grew up in Chicago so he had a blast showing me his turf. Even though I spent two years going to seminary there, my meager budget didn't allow me to have the type of dinner he had in store for me.

It was incredible - I had the Prime Rib (the largest piece of meat I think I had ever had), mushrooms, asparagus, salad, warm sourdough bread and some cheesecake to top it off.
Vebbes had some wine while I went crazy with my club soda.

Later that night, we had heard of the famous blues brother "Hooche-Man" (thanks Mcfadden and Huy) and so Vebbes got Ilya and I to join him and experience true Chicago Blues -- funny thing was, Ilya and I both noticed - that he ended up humming a lot while allowing the audience to participate so we didn't think he lived up to the hype... but you could tell, people loved him and the vibe was cool. We also met "Spruce-like the tree", "Venicia" and "Spruce's girlfriend" who I can't remember her name but she instantly wanted to hug Ilya a lot due to his striking taste in cologne.

When one of them heard we were from OC and that I was the sole Cowboy fan they actually tried to intimidate me with some impressive rips but as my Norcal family/friends are well aware - I have taken it all my life and this was well... a fairly uncreative taunting and unworthy of other colorful phrases I have heard in the past.

Anyway... more stories later... I thought I should get these picts (and mini vids) up ASAP since many of you who heard I was going to represent my Cowboys in hostile territory weren't sure if I would survive (Irons told me if I died on the plan - "Could I have yer laptop?" Thanks Irons.)

Big thanks to my bro Vebbes who made this thing possible and my sweet wife who graciously allowed me to satiate my addictive fanaticism for DA BOYS.

Final Score: 34-10 Da Cowboys over Da Bears.


Saddleback Church HealthCare Ministry

These are some Saddleback Church volunteers who are learning how serving can not only change others lives but their own lives as well.


Hypo - what?

Well... for those of you are NOT aware, I have been diagnosed with HYPOTHYROIDISM (Erin, not Joy). Turns out, I have an underactive thyroid. What does the thyroid do?

Went to the doctor's a few weeks ago for a bad cold (ear issues) and as he checked me over, he noticed my thyroid seemed slightly enlarged indicating "vascular activity".

Anyway, two blood tests and a Thyroid scan later, my results came back with extremely high levels of TSH (don't quote me on that acronym) which indicates my antibodies are attacking my thyroid gland - thus the increase of blood flow in the area.

There are many symptoms... but the one I can most identify with is lethargy and mental fatigue (no wonder I am addicted to coffee!)

Anyway, treatment is taking a pill for the rest of my life once a day, called Levoxyl.

Here is an article on the issue if interested.


105 Ain't Enough to Stop the Party!

Yep - it was like 105 down here. Thats what I was told and it felt like it. Who on earth would even consider hsoting a BARBEQUE on a day like today - well the Kerrs.

But the draw to meet one another's neighbors must have pulled people out of obscurity. 7 of our neighbors, plus about 12 of our friends came together for some Extreme Bocce (amidst the playground) and some Speed "Uno" (thanks Gaps for that one). We had a great time and look forward to more time with everyone in the future.

Check out the picts.

Not shown - but the highlight for me was receiving an authentically autographed Dallas Cowboy jersey from Superbowl XVIII from the MVP of that game - Dallas Safety James Washington. My friend Eddie works with him at Fox Sports and got it for me! Eddie - nice! OK, well, if you know the NFL - Emmitt was MVP (and as much as I love Emmitt) Washington ARGUABLY should have had the MVP for the game. He had a fumble recovery for a TD, another forced fumble (recovered by Dallas) and an interception. My friend Eddie told me he apreciates that I realize he was "robbed".

Anyway... enjoy a few picts.