A Dark Dark Day

Well, it is a sad day but the Diedrichs on Lake Forest Dr in Lake forest , CA [the one I go to on my way to work in the morning] is officially closing on Jan 2. A cozy atmosphere, courageous coffee conneiseurs, constant characters and countless Men's bible study gatherings on Thursday Mornings...The coffee is by far, the most smooth and full bodied I have ever had. Does that sound like I know what I am talking about? Good. I am really not an expert in coffee.. I just know that it doesn't have a burnt taste to it... I don't know if that is the brewing method or the beans... but Diedrichs, we will miss you.
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Don said...

I am said too. Though I am a Starbucks fan . . . I enjoyed my Diedrichs (free internet) coffee experience. Maybe someone will take on the Big Boys and create a new rebrand "Phoenix" Coffee . . .raised from the ashes.

Well . . who knows. Pops

Carol said...

Way to post on New Years! I love it...what GREAT pictures...and the Erin Kerr particular sweater/stocking assemblage...quite creative!
At the wedding, was that an Erin Kerr pastor suit?

love, Mammaaaa