Christmas 2006

JD & Sarah's Wedding [12.18.06]

Erin and Joy went to the wedding of two great people from Erin's college group when he was at Mariners Church... great to see everyone again looking older and way more mature since we last saw them 8 months ago.

Bad Sweater Party & Gift Exchange [12.20.06]
Nice sweater Spidey, I mean Von Ebers. Kimi and Lindsey - starting a new line of sweet sweaters...

Christmas in Ventura [12.23.06]
Check out the picts from an amazing time in Ventura with Joy's mom [Nancy], Randy, Ben, Lindsey and the NANNERAMA [Joy's Grandmother].

Ben got his mom the best gift she could ever have desired - a new hat... er, a wreath. Winner for the "Best Picture of all Mother In Laws for 2006". Below - Look at Ben fired up to hang out.


THE GTEAM said...

I love seeing the Christmas pics...I remember that hiking boot stocking (you pinned to your sweater) so well!

Carol said...

Nice pastoral black sportcoat there Erin! You and Joy look great!

love, Mmmmmmmaaaammmmmmaaaaah