FellOHShip Jensen Kerr Style

FellOHship is a great thing but not everyone experiences it in the same way.


I'm 8 Months Old!

We can hardly believe that our sweetzie girl is 8 months old! It feels like we blinked and she was 8 months. But we are sure enjoying the gift that she is, the joy that she brings and the laughs we have daily with her!

Little Miss Serious...I pay attention to every detail and don't miss a thing, kinda like mommy!

8 month photo session...hard to capture our beauty AND get the sign in..hilarious!

Fun times with daddy! I love his hair, especially from this view!

See...I do actually smile and laugh :)

Here are some things that I can do at 8 months:
I love to stand up and balance on anything and everything! I don't really care about crawling just yet and am very content to sit and play all day long. My favorite toy at the moment is my rainforest bouncer. I don't sit in it anymore, but now I use it to lean against and I love the lights and music from this perspective.

I even ride my homemade rocking horse that mommy had when she was my age. I'm still a little sleepy in this picture and not too thrilled, probably because moments later I tipped over the side! Whoops!

AND...I LOVE hair bows! They make me look soooo ka-ute! Especially now that my hair is growing in long and light brown!

Thanks for loving me and looking at my pictures!

Reducing Waste

So now that I am a "SAHM" I have been doing tons of reading on how to live simply, invest in my home, use resources wisely and give generously. It's like a whole new world has opened up for me and I am enjoying the time that I do have to practice being the wife and mom that God has called me to be. One of the areas that I have been more intentional about is recycling. I desire to be a good steward with our resources, including the world around me. So one of my "baby steps" is to reduce waste by recycling everything possible around our home. I have also commited to reducing our plastic grocery bag consumption by bringing my own bags when I shop! Above is a picture of one of my "zero plastic bag" shopping trips. I know it's simple and kind of lame, but I was super proud of myself and had to take a picture!
I hope to document more of my living simply discoveries as I continue to learn. This week I am reading about all the benefits and uses of vinegar around the home. We'll see where that leads me!
**Thanks Carol for the purple shopping bag...super handy when it comes to grocery shopping! :)