Daddys' Little Girls

Today we had a Saddleback Irvine lunch rendevous! So much fun to all be together with our 3 little girls...they are growing so fast! We met at SuperMex (our favorite Mexican place...my FAVORITE chips n' salsa) for the guys' lunch break...a fun mid-week surprise!

Here's the lineup and birth order of the Irvine girls (very best friends, they just don't know it yet!)
Autumn, 5 months **PS...don't you love her cute smirk!
Karis, 3 months
Skylar, 2 1/2 months

A cute one of Autumn looking all grown up in her first pair of jeans!

Stay tuned for some coming pics of her first attempt at RICE CEREAL. For the past week I have been pretending to feed her by placing an empty infant spoon in her mouth and she has done great! She opens her mouth wide and seems to anticipate something yummy. BUT, when I gave her the first official taste of rice cereal she spit it right back out (just like all babies)! Her look was like "What the heck is this stuff?!?!?" Oh well...she'll learn.
Autumn Elizabeth is 5 months old now, trying to roll over all the time (even in the bumbo...hilarious!), grabbing anything and everything in sight (including daddy's napkin at lunch that ended up dissolving around her mouth before mommy caught it!), and sleeping in a sleep sack instead of her swaddle, arms free! We love our girl!


Lena and Derek said...

When I went to take a closer look at Autumn's smirk, I noticed Karis' "I'm too cool for this" look. Love it when the girls get together (us and them)!

StacyGal said...

Oh I LOVE it!! They are such cute little friends! Skylar has that "Just take the picture already" look on her face. I too love it when we all get together : ) It should be a regular thing!

mamajoyCarol said...

Oh, I love the caption...best friends, they just don't know it yet!
Sweet, sweet memories!
Autumn does look so grown up.
We're coming, Autumn...MorMor and Granpa are coming soon!

Don said...

I can't believe how much she had grown in ONE MONTH, eeeegads! I miss her so much.


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