Eddie and Karens Wedding

These picts were taken at a wedding that has special significance for me and Joy.

Yesterday, we were at our good friends' Karen and Eddie's Wedding. It was in San Pedro at the Double Tree, overlooking the harbor. It was such a cool occasion for a fantastic couple, and I got the opportunity to perform the ceremony. Out of all the family and friends that came, Joy, Autumn, our couples small group and our worship guy John Stearns and friend "Auntie" Molly came as well.

Eddie and Karen's story is fun. Apparently, Karen (a diehard sports fan and chargers fan) listened regularly to the Fox Sports show Eddie broadcasts on. She appreciated his perspective, his humor and his good nature. She would even call in regulalry - and Eddie NEVER remembered her calls.

It wasn't until years later that they met at a coworkers bday party and began a friendship. They overcame their differences of allegiance - her to the Chargers and him to the Steelers and found themselves moving towards more than friendship. Eddie realized he wasn't going to see this relationship turn into something more serious until he took another look at this Christian stuff Karen was in to. He started coming to Saddleback but still had a lot of doubts. He didn't want to compromise his beliefs and so he started asking questions - this is where I got to start meeting with him regularly to process through his great questions.

Eddie eventually came to Christ at Saddleback Church last year. He was baptized a few months later and popped the question to Karen at a romantic setting - Qualcomm Stadium, Denver vs. San Diego, Monday Night Football. Over the past year they have been a key couple at our new church. He now has been leading our small group, serves in the traffic ministry at Saddleback Irvine and serves alongside Karen in a ton of other ways. We are so happy for them and loved being a part of their story together.

To top things off, Jeannie Wilson (extended family) did the wedding shoot so she took these pictures of us!


mamajoyCarol said...

Lovin' the Ugg boots!Autumn's first wedding outing?

hugs, MorMor

THE GTEAM said...

Cool story about Eddie and Karen! They get to tell that all their lives. And I'm lovin' my niece's little legs!

StacyGal said...

I LOVE the pictures and the Ugg boots! What a beautiful family : )