Clarines Memorial and Picnic

After my trip to Orlando all week for work, I hopped on a two prop engine plane at LAX and flew up to Redding, CA to celebrate the life of my step-grandmother, Clarine Westlie. She was the only Grandmother I ever knew on my mom's side. She had married my Grandfather Winston before I was born - he passed away in 1995.

Sandy, Clarine's daughter, was kind enough to ask me to perform the service. I hadn't seen some of this side of the family since I was 10. It was really cool. So at the memorial, I shared a bit about my memories of Clarine and then talked about REAL HOPE. That because God hates separation, he makes sure we never have to be separated from Him - even with death... because of Jesus (John 14.2-7; John 5.24; Eph 3.18-19).

Clarine was well known for her sense of humor and her amazing cooking talents - apparently all the kids loved her because she was always making cookies, cupcakes and candies for her daughters' classes. She also loved to travel and really encouraged my Grandfather to see the country - I have many memories of them stopping in to visit in their RV.

We shared some great stories of Clarine and also enjoy a picnic at Whiskeytown lake as her reception. It was beautiful and a great day to reconnect with family. The air up there is amazing.

A lot of the pictures are from the bed and breakfast my parents were at called Tiffany's - I think Joy and I might to go up there by ourselves sometime.