Chillin on the Patio (s)

Birthday money...new patio furniture!
Thanks to Mama and Papa Kerr we were able to purchase a patio table set for our front porch and balcony. It was a fun Friday excursion and fairly easy to assemble. Now we just have to add some greenery and we're good to go! Thanks again Mom and Pops for the birthday gift card! -Joy :-)


Suzie said...

great furniture! But what I really noticed was the Chick-fil-a cup! We thought they were only in the south...never heard of them till we moved to Georgia. Are they open on Sundays in CA? Great place.


THE GTEAM said...

soooo cute! we're dying to get down there to see this place in person. thanks for posting pics!

Jimmy Kat said...

I really like how chairs often go with a table.