Getting Wicked in LA

Before becoming homeowners and eating ramen for the rest of our adult lives, I decided to splurge on my wifey and take her to Wicked in LA with some friends. It happened to be on the same Friday Night in preparing for the Oscars so there was a ton of "pageantry"-to use a Meeshee Scherrei term-around the CPK we ate dinner at before we went to the Pantages Theater.

Now I am no "musical" fan but I will say this - I loved it. Outstanding. My favorites songs - I can't believe I just said that - were "Popular" and "Gravity" or whatever they are called. I just remembered the chorus.
As we walked into the lush and vibrant seating - in the middle about 40 rows from the front - I was so excited to take it all in and mark this momentous occasion... I pulled out my camera and then I got caught [watch the video].

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