Suzie said...

Cool video! Can I just say though, that it made me jealous, because I am freezing cold in Georgia (today is about 42 degrees)and I miss the BEACH!!!!!! Love Rachel Ray mags!


Suzie said...

Wow, I didn't realize all those people moved down there! How cool. Tell Chad and Matt I said hi! Now, if someone would just move to Georgia...hey, we send out a prayer letter update thingy every other month, let me know if you want to be on it!


Carol said...

Hi Erin! I loved the video...wonderful shots of Joy, and you too! I can't believe you didn't have more "shakiness" as I suspect you were holding the camera by hand!

Glad you got the ride in before the No. California rainstorm...destined for US but blew southward...your way!

We're in full sunniness here!
Beautiful day!

love, Mammmmmaaaaa

THE GTEAM said...

How fun to watch...I was actually bopping to the music! :) Soooo jealous that you can simply bike to the ocean...